International Business Systems is pleased to announce it has achieved Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC) Certification for IBS Enterprise Version 8, IBS Business Suite 2016.

This competency signifies that IBS Enterprise Version 8 has demonstrated support for specific real-world processes chosen by tech analysts, and that our ERP software has been analytically and comparatively compared against known benchmarks.

Download the full report to:

  • Compare performance of IBS Enterprise Version 8 against the Industry Average.
  • Review Key Product Differentiators and Major New Functionality.
  • Gain leading Analyst Observations on the IBS Enterprise Version 8, IBS Business Suite 2016 release.

Download this ERP for distribution software review for a product analysis, comparison, and in-depth commentary, and to learn more about how IBS Enterprise can help distribution companies meet their unique needs.

Download the Full Report
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